Soft Power is actually a political phrase. It is, so to speak, 'bare teeth but not bite' method that is used by the powerful states to dictate the practices supporting their interests without resorting to costly methods such as violence or war even though they are capable of using those methods to do so. Well, why not this method be used to make better our private and social life?

Çağlar Çabuk, has for years carried out a research seeking for the ways to adapt "Soft Power", which is also the title and the subject of her book, into people's social and private life. In her interviews, she shares her observations and the results of her research.

 • How is 'Soft Power' used in Politics? Why do powerful states use it even though it takes longer and requires more efforts?

 • Can political "Soft Power" technics be adapted into human relations?

 • What does using soft power at work or home or in family or relationship… mean?

 • What are the constituents of Soft Power, how to make an 'analysis of personal SP level'?

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