"The book's content and narration are excellent. To such a great extent that the society has been polarized by the political discourses full of animosity, hatred and arrogance and lack of affection, respect and understanding! These discourses set and is still setting bad examples… I feel really sad to see irresistible rise of animosity, hatred and rage during the group meetings of the political parties on Tuesdays. Soft Power should be first read by politicians."

Cengiz Solakošlu
Member of TEGV Founding Trustee Board and Executive Board
Executive Advisor
  " 'Strong like a rock, crystal clear like water, warm like fire, soft like cotton…' the common definition of Soft Power… Dear Çabuk lays bare how correct communication in the all spheres of life can open new doors for us as she explains communications between people of all ages. Reading the book will be a pleasure. We will think and learn when we read it. An important source." "

Psychologist Dr. Nur Velidedeošlu Kavuncu
Professional Coach – Trainer

  "Çašlar Çabuk shows his readers in a racy manner how violence, shallow and fake authoritarianism in the all spheres of life are unnecessary. As a person who believes in soft power even in the relation between a conductor and orchestra that might be seen as a true metaphor of authoritarian ruling, I found again and again myself and dynamics I have encountered during my performances."

Cem Mansur

  "In her book Soft Power, Çašlar Çabuk presents a point of view everybody can apply both in business life and in his/her social relations every time and everywhere. A philosophy of life that will make life easier, strengthen relations, raise hopes! Moreover, the author's fluent and plain language makes this philosophy easier to understand and to exercise."

Celal Seēkin
Excellence For Quality Management (EFQM) Executive Advisor